Art. 1 – Organization. The Formentera Island Council, the Penya Esportiva Son Marçal club, the Grup Esportiu Espalmador and Elitechip SL are the organizers of the IX Formentera All Round Trail that will be held on the island of Formentera on April 2 , 2022.
Art. 2 – Evidence. The Formentera All Round Trail is a 72 km race that runs along the coast of the island of Formentera, starting and finishing at the Port of La Savina (Saturday 2 / April at 9.00 am, 250 participants max.). The 42 km Half Round Formentera Trail is held jointly, starting at Es Arenals and arriving at Puerto de la Savina (Saturday, April 2 at 11.30 am, 350 participants max.). Exceptionally, this year, the 21 km Tros de Fart starting at Es Caló and arriving at Puerto de la Savina will take on Saturday, April 2 at 4.30 pm (350 participants max). The Formentera All Round trail can also be done in pairs of relays, that is, at each refreshment station, the teams will be able to relieve each other, and base their strategy to achieve the challenge of going around the island completely. It will be mandatory that at least 1 member of the couple make 2 sections of the 6 of which the test consists The race does not have a significant unevenness but the constant change of terrain, the orography, the weather and running by the sea will make it a tough test and for which good preparation is needed. The use of canes with a rubber tip only is allowed. The organization will enable a total of 5 refreshment stations throughout the Formentera All Round Trail, 3 for the Half Round and 1 for the FART Tros.
Art. 3 – Regulation. Registration for the test implies full acceptance of these regulations. These regulations will be strictly enforced for all participants of the Formentera All Round Trail.
Art. 4 – Participation. Participation will be open to all those who correctly formalize both the REGISTRATION and the payment related to the career modality. In addition, at the time of formalizing the registration, they must accept the EXONERATION OF LIABILITY document, without this express acceptance it will not be possible to participate.
Participants must respect the environment in which the test takes place and keep its environment clean. For this they must eat and drink WITHOUT LEAVING ANY CONTAINER OUTSIDE THE CONTAINERS enabled for such use. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS POINT WILL CAUSE THE IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION OF THE RUNNER, who may be disqualified by a simple testimony of any member of the Organizing Team of the Race.
The minimum age for participation is 18 years old on the day of the event, and no minor athlete is allowed to participate.
It is a test of great depth, so we recommend a good physical shape, it is recommended to pass a medical examination before participating in this test.
You can only receive external help at the La Mola refreshment station. Similarly, it is forbidden to be accompanied by other people who are not registered participants in the test.
The numbers will be delivered on April 1, from 5pm to 8pm and April 2 from 8am to 12pm at a place and time designated by the Organization, and participants must present their DNI or any other legal identification document.
The Formentera All Round Trail runner must wear the number provided by the Organization at all times, in a visible place (front pectoral part) and it cannot be cut, folded or modified. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS POINT WILL CAUSE THE IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION OF THE RUNNER.
Art. 5 – The Race.
The race itinerary will be marked with marker tape and specific signage created for the test. The route meter is the one published on the official website of the race ( Any change or modification in it will be made public by the same means.
The route will not be closed to traffic, so athletes must exercise extreme caution and respect the road traffic code. During the course of the race, participants must PAY ATTENTION TO THE MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZATION of the race at all times. Failure to comply with this point will imply immediate disqualification.
The test will be controlled electronically via the MyLaps chip system. Participants must carry the chip throughout the route, placing it in the runner’s shoe, since otherwise, the time readings will not be carried out correctly. The Organization will place controls throughout the race to ensure that the runners complete the course, in addition to recording the times of each one.
Art. 7 – Registration
Registration for the Formentera All Round Trail will begin on March 15 through the website: and will end on May 1, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. and the registration prices will be
Formentera All Round Trail
55 € Promotion price from March 15 to 16.
60 € from March 17 to March 31.
65 € from April 1 to April 30.
80 € from May 1 to May 15 (Price out of Term)
Formentera All Round Trail – Parejas
70 € Promotion price from March 15 to 16.
80 € from March 17 to March 31.
90 € from April 1 to April 30.
110 € from May 1 to May 15 (Price out of Term)
Half Round Formentera Trail
45 € Promotion price from March 15 to 16.
50 € from March 17 to March 31.
55 € from April 1 to April 30.
65 € from May 1 to May 15 (Price out of Term)
Tros de FART
22 € Promotion price from March 15 to 16.
27 € from March 17 to March 31.
32 € from April 1 to April 30.
37 € from May 1 to May 15 (Price out of Term)
Registration for the test includes:
Right of participation.
Broker’s bag.
Pledge or gift participation.
Finisher medal at the end of the test.
Medical service.
Provisioning at the authorized points.
Other possible costs:
If you are not federated, you can take out insurance for € 5, In the FART Tros test the athletes’ insurance will be € 3 The test will be timed with the MyLaps system, if you do not have a yellow chip you will have to acquire one with a cost of € 3. For transfers and transfers from La Savina at the exit of the Half or the FART Tros, the price will be € 2.
Art. 8 – Time limit.
The runners will have a maximum time to complete each of the tests. Any participant who arrives with a higher time in a refreshment station in the established time, will be disqualified. Whoever wants to continue, will have to deliver the number and the chip to the members of the race organization, although they can continue out of the race and under their own responsibility:
Formentera All Round Trail (72 km) 12.5 hours Half Round Formentera Trail (42 km) 8 hours FART Tros (21 Km) 4.5 hours
Art. 9 – Compulsory material
All runners must carry a MANDATORY SAFETY MATERIAL, which can be controlled at the start, arrival or at any point in the race, and must include:
Hydration system (camelback type or fanny pack with a minimum capacity of 1 liter). No glasses will be given during the test at the refreshment stations, so each runner must bring his own glass. DNI / Passport or Federative File. thermal blanket. raincoat or windbreaker. mobile phone with battery and balance with the registered organization number. Whistle. Glass or container to drink at the refreshment stations (glasses will not be served at the refreshment stations in order to reduce waste) Bib and chip. Compulsory insurance (if you are not federated you can take out one day insurance) Front light and red rear light (only obligatory when night falls, the organization by the space and weight that it occupies recommends it within the material), any athlete If you do not wear it after sunset, you may be disqualified.
Athletes who do not carry the mandatory equipment will not be able to continue in the race and will be immediately disqualified.
The mandatory material for the Half Round Formentera Trail (42 Km) and for the FART Tros (21 Km):
hydration system (camelback type or fanny pack with a minimum capacity of 0.5 liter) ID / Passport or Federal Card Mobile phone with battery and balance with the number of the organization engraved whistle Glass or container to drink at the refreshment stations (glasses will not be served in aid stations in order to reduce waste) Thermal or waterproof blanket. Number and chip Compulsory insurance (if you are not federated you can take out one day insurance for € 5 on the Half Round Formentera Trail and € 3 on the FART Tros).
Athletes who do not carry the mandatory equipment will not be able to continue in the race and will be immediately disqualified.
Art. 10 – Withdrawn
Any runner who abandons the test during the course of it, must leave at a refreshment station and deliver the number, in case he does not withdraw at a refreshment point, he is OBLIGED to notify the organization of his withdrawal.
Art. 11 – Supplies
The organization will make available to all participants of aid stations distributed throughout the route where they can stock up on water, isotonic, food and fruit, as well as other products provided by the organization.
The distribution of the aid stations will be as follows:
Exit – La Savina km 0
1 Avt – Faro des Cap km 17.5 / Partial 17.5 km
2 Avt – Calo Mort km 32.1 / Partial 15.1 km
3 Avt – La Mola Lighthouse km 40.4 / Partial 8.3 km
4 Avt – Es Calo km 50.6 / Partial 10.2 km
5 Avt – Punta Prima km 58.1 / Partial 7.5 km
6 Avt – Es pas km 65.5 / Partial 7.4 km
Finish – La Savina km 72 / Partial 7.5 km
At refreshment stations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 will be the aid stations authorized for the change of the members of the relay teams.
Art. 12 – Image rights
The organization will be able to use the images, videos and sound of the participants during the test, including moments before and after, from the collection of numbers, delivery of prizes and transfer of the participants, for the promotion and dissemination of the test without any time limit to use them.
Art. 13 – Claims
Any athlete who wants to make a claim must present it in writing with a deposit of € 60 to be admitted for processing, the deposit will only be returned in the event that said claim is favorable to the claimant.
Art. 14 – Categories
Formentera All Round Trail
Absolute (male and female)
U23 (male and female)
Senior (male and female)
Veterans 40 (male and female)
Veterans 50 (Male and Female)
Relay – Male – Female – Mixed
Half Round Formentera Trail
Absolute (male and female)
Senior (male and female)
U23 (male and female)
Veterans (male and female)
Veterans 50 (Male and Female)
Tros of FART
Absolute (male and female)
* A category will be considered complete when there are more than 3 participants in that category, in case there are less than 3 participants, the organization can add said category to the higher category.
* The prizes are not cumulative, there can only be one trophy per participant.
Art. 15 – External aid
There will be refreshment stations, but far from each other and that will make it essential for participants to bring their own provisions of food and water.
As it is a competitive test, in order to respect equal opportunities among participants, it is only allowed to receive external help at the provisioning stations enabled for this (La Mola provisioning station), in which the person authorized by the participant can help with the provisioning, deliver material, etc. (Only allowed inside the refreshment station)
In the rest of the aid stations, external help is not allowed. It is also not allowed to use “hares” during the tour.
The only exception is getting help for an emergency medical condition
Art. 16 – Recommended material
Reserve food, windbreaker or raincoat, sunscreen, tape, bandage, petroleum jelly, money, handkerchiefs, mountain shoes, technical clothing, cap, watch or heart rate monitor, sunglasses.
Art. 17 – Cancellations
Cancellations to the test will only be admitted to registered athletes who notify it before May 1 to the email contacto The refund of the amount will be 75% of the amount paid for the registration.
Art. 18 – Cloakroom service
The organization will put a wardrobe service for the participants. The runners can leave a bag that will be taken to the control point of La Mola where the runner can change or take material from the bag. This bag will then be taken to the finish area at the closing of the La Mola control. The organization is not responsible for the content of the bag, we recommend not leaving anything of value in the bag.
Art. 19 – Environmental regulations
Participation in the test implies knowledge and acceptance of these special rules for the environment:
– A part of the test takes place inside protected areas that are home to sensitive and vulnerable flora and fauna and in which participants must act with care and responsibility.
– These spaces will be duly identified with a sign: Fragile Natural Zone.
– In these areas you CANNOT:
o Use any type of sound element that can produce loud noises.
o Exit the marked path.
o Yelling or making loud sounds or noises.
o Throw away containers, wrappers and any type of garbage or rest. Each participant must mark their gels, bars … with the bib number. If a package is found, the runner with the bib number may be penalized.
– Only rubber-tipped canes may be used.